Rochester Workshop


April 25-26 2023 session

The Spot, East Ave

This 2-day in-person event walks marketers step-by-step through the process of migrating to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Plus, it teaches you the full Google stack to give you control over all your funnel data.

The GA Fast4ward program is applicable for both firms who have installed GA4 and those still on the soon-to-be-retired Universal Analytics.

The hands-on activities you will complete at the workshop include integrating data from all your systems for analyzing and making better marketing decisions. You walk away with a dashboard that shows your company’s leadership how marketing dollars impact the sales cycle all the way to earning a profit.





A rare opportunity for marketers to analyze the whole funnel

We must accept Universal Analytics (UA) is going away. The good news is that the platform that replaces it lets you reclaim the UA reports you’re about to lose, by building your own dashboards. You can do this by using Google Tag Manager, Google Looker Studio and the Google Cloud platform, which all come bundled with GA4.

Google has released this suite practically for free*, giving us the opportunity to step up from screengrabs and spreadsheets. If you are a B2B company, this helps you take charge of ad platform and Marketing Automation/CRM system data, to give a big-picture view of how marketing spend relates to revenue that closed months later. You will even learn how to leverage Google’s Data Science tools in-house, leveraging AI for deep analytics and training of ad platform algorithms. Given all these capabilities, why would you just have data on the marketing Google knows about when you can harness the potential of all your marketing data!

You don’t have to dread Google’s evolving tools, you can use them to take control over how you analyze your data, through our GA Fast4wardTM program.

Not another Powerpoint snoozefest. You’re going to be building.

An implementation of Google’s stack that uses your own data to show your marketing ROI

GA4 configured so your site tracks what you want to see. Done in the GA4 interface. 

The ability to display any marketing KPI. Satisfy your company’s leadership by slicing the data pie exactly how they want to see it

Dashboards that visualize the relationship of marketing dollars to profits, no matter how long the sales cycle.

Assemble the foundations to use your first-party data in predictive models, to integrate with AI-driven advertising platforms  

Meet your facilitator

Facilitator Glenn Schmelzle


Glenn Schmelzle BA, MBA is a marketer, husband, hockey dad, and an analytics fanatic. In 2005 he started using what became Google Analytics, becoming certified in every version, including GA4. This, and a desire to help companies in their paid marketing, led him to open Marketing What’s New in 2013. Shortly after, he started sharing tweets to engage marketers everywhere in a conversation about this, which led to the Funnel Reboot podcast. Examples of where Glenn has spoken on analytics is available here.